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Izabela Melamed’s Tooth Fairy Affair (Short Film)

Dentures had never been really the Swarovski of the mythical tooth fairy until Izabela Melamed twisted the story around to make the story relatively close to her native Bulgaria, and much closer to our heart. In the story, a boy dreams of going to to the local carnival but does not have enough money prodding him to steal his grandmother’s dentures. His encounter with the tooth fairy evokes smiles and flashbacks of our own childhood mischief.

Labored frame by frame in pencil by Melamed, she asked help from Jack Brewer for voice and music and her brother Val Melamed for consulation and sponsorship. The result is a wonderful six-minute short film done in old school animation that showcases Melamed’s talent for storytelling and a thought-provoking take on modern materialism.
See you for yourself:


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I Am Waiting For You Last Summer’s Sleep (Review)

Ryazan export I am waiting for you last summer’s EP was band crushed in this blog last month together with the interview of the band, so it is stating the obvious to say that we dig the band a lot. But a new single from the band out a few hours ago cannot pass by our eyes without even hearing a hiss from us.

“Sleep” is the fourth release from IWFYLS which seem to gain more attention since their breakthrough EP. A perfect companion to “Endless,” the track makes use of the band’s evocative guitar melanges made richer by steady drum electronics providing the base. True to its title, vespertine airiness exudes in the track, lacking the upbeat qualities their initial releases have. Check out the track here:

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Esy Casey’s Jeepney Documentary Asks For Funding in Kickstarter

After visiting the Philippines to meet the acclaimed Filipino director Brilliante Mendoza as he competed his new film Prey, New York filmmaker Esy Casey had an idea of making a full-length documentary about an everyday Filipino icon she saw during her stay in the country. Together with her producer Sarah Friedland, who was her companion during her initial stay, they plan to shoot Jeepney this August which will follow “the journey of the jeepney—a military relic turned hot-rod mass-transit vehicle—and its drivers and passengers as they head towards an uncertain future,” posted in the film’s Kickstarter page.

The documentary entails a $3,000 goal for the film to see the green light which has so far reached $2,300+ ending on August 13. The coverage will be used for logistics and the cost of living for the two filmmakers in the country for two months. Please visit the film’s site to help and find out about the project.

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Allo Darlin’s Darren (Review)

Darren Hayman, famous for his ambitious and not abstentious releases is the subject of Allo Darlin’s equally ambitious picture disc/ vinyl 7″ release. The two, especially the band’s vocalist Elizabeth Morris, have been in the same circle of musical friends, evidence is the Darren/ Elizabeth collab “I Know I Fucked Up” in his January Songs record.

“Darren” plays along as a perfect song for a John Hughes film for its 80’s feel, progressing guitars and steady-paced drums as the bass crawls all over the background. Morris sings in a low register, sounding relaxed, fashionably aware as she relates a budding romance and enjoying its bliss while “listening to Darren,” making the hero a musical persona in the song. “ I can stay forever hanging out,” she repeats over and over in the end with chorus vocals sealing the fun, summer tune that Darren would even probably consider to be the best song not written by him.

Allo Darlin’ “Darren”

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Cinemalaya Closes With Rakenrol After Party + Cinemalaya 2011 Winners

Cinemalaya 2011 was concluded fittingly by Jade Castro’s gayshocker Zombadings (Patayin sa Shokot si Remington) screening at 11:30PM right after the well-celebrated Rakenrol by Quark Henares. While waiting in between the film schedules, people were on the lobby marveling at the festival entries exhibit where some props and memorabilia from each film were displayed plus a timely Ronwaldo Reyes Retrospective that pays homage to the Philippine’s King of Filipino Movies Fernando Poe, Jr.

The night, however, was tinged with excitement due to the afterparty- celeb sightings happening on the CCP Grounds for Rakenrol which was heavily plugged throughout the festival. Filipino indie bands topbilled the event promising a night of riffs and booze and surprisingly a lot of expletives by Rakenrol band Hapipaks.

Around 11PM, brother-sister act Outerhope serenaded the crowd with their Freelance Whales/ Mates of State delicate pop tunes shortly smashed by English-speaking Kamikaze techgeeks Halik ni Gringo. Itchyworms were a crowd-pleaser with their sing-along tunes followed by Taken by Cars and Ciudad. Everybody who left the party that night knew that it was Pedicab who stole the light out of others, rocking out five dance-punk hits out of others’ three with “Dito Tayo sa Dilim,” “Simulan Muna” and “Ang Pusa Mo” crazing all of us in the crowd. Rakenrol‘s Hapipaks performed with their director a profanity/ swearword song and then some. Ely Buendia’s Pupil dimmed the lights to its 3AM goodbyes with “I wish I can see the world through your eyes,” crooning.

The film is semi-autobiographical, partly with all the experience I’ve been through,” screenwriter- Sandwich guitar god Diego Castillo explains when asked about the film’s personal theme. “Send me a message about this, sorry I’m too drunk to say more,” he closes kindly though actually, he said enough. Celebrity sightings? Ann Curtis was the night muse downing a Red Horse nearby while dancing to Pedicab.

Cinemalaya 2011 Winners

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