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Between You And Me: Oh It’s You

Live For the Funk writer Jonathan Abramson continues his foray in music as Between You And Me with a four-track EP Oh, It’s You released on his Soundcloud page. Abramson is a law student and one of the passionate team behind the music blog LFTF. Lately, he has been releasing singles under the moniker leading up to the EP.

According to Abramson, Oh It’s You came about after waking up from a dream that involved “a beautiful girl I had once dated showed up at my door hoping to rekindle our relationship,” and the feelings that came after realizing the bittersweet truth of being alone. The result of this experience demonstrated weeks of recovering these flickers of sadness,  delving deep on how memory pokes us into our most ardent feelings. While most of us get some ice cream or watch a movie instead, Abramson orchestrated four nocturnal tracks that play along with such powerlessness to change reality.

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Flashing Red Lights: Faster Horses EP

Various Successes I’ve Had is one of the best records I have acquired this year. That record is so pleasurable that I cannot dare to delete a track from it in my bereft-of-memory iPod; starting off with “Conviction I” to the highlight “Gold Light,” the album flows into a continuum of beauty. I had tried researching who’s the man behind Flashing Red Lights but it led me to Herculean results unrelated to the band.

Visiting Flashing Red Lights Bandcamp again earlier this week proved to be a fateful day. Not only I found out that he had just released a new EP but a tag that led to his identity.

Flashing Red Lights is the moniker of Glendale’s Mack Slevin, a musical project that has spanned over two EPs and a remix single.

“Weekday” by Flashing Red Lights

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Laneway Festival Singapore 2012: Bands + Ticket Details

For a bona fide festival experience, the 2012 Singapore St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival will utilize two stages plus added more acts amounting to 14 for next year’s event happening on February 12. After its groundbreaking debut this year at Fort Canning which brought Deerhunter, Foals and Beach House, Laneway ante up a notch higher by the aforementioned improvements plus its roster of much- buzzed about acts of the year. While it is still no comparison with Australia’s line up (14 below plus Active Child, The Chairlift, Portugal. The Man, SBTRKT; Washed Out, etc.) , Singapore and the Region’s fans can expect a fuller experience this year with its staging and atmosphere (no rain maybe?).

The ticket for the 2012 Laneway Festival is at $135 + $3 booking fee for Sistic which will go public November 28. Special advance buying privilege are offered to VISA card holders beginning November 14. Blasphemy!  by Mastercard-ers.

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Archer Black: “Onward & Down”

Los Angeles-based band Archer Black is set to release its debut album Forgiveness Is A Weapon next year and for their first music video they tapped longtime friend Scott Cronan. “Onward & Down” is the first single off the record and the video stars actor Luke Barnett and Archer Black’s violinist Jenn Thomas.

“Scott helped me refine the vision to come up with something cinematic,” says Dustin Morgan. “Everything you see was done in camera without post production effects. For the water shots, Scott even swam out into the ocean with a waterproof camera at 5AM,” Morgan continues.

The music video portrays Barnett as a soldier in a death dream, tugging a bag which is actually stuffed with bricks. Barnett struggles in dragging it as he chases after Thomas who appears to be the harbinger of his death. Interestingly, the lyrics of the song use metaphors relating to war for Morgan’s take on relationships.

“The song was inspired by the fact that, prior to Vietnam, very few soldiers would discharge their weapons in combat.  This is one of those facts that just stuck with me, screaming, ‘this is a profound statement about what it means to be human,” explains Morgan.

Forgiveness Is A Weapon will be released January 3rd, 2012 under Post Planetary Records.

Band Links: Facebook. Twitter. YouTube.

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ITALIAN CINEMA NOW: Italian Film Festival 2011 Films + Schedule

Italian actresses Asia Argento and Pietra Montecorvino, Italian Senator Goffredo Bettini , composer Franco Piersanti and directors Claudio Cupellini and Dario Argento are only the few of the many expected guests to attend the red carpet premiere of MovieMov’s Italian Film Festival 2011. MovieMov is Italy’s traveling festival arm in promoting its country’s vibrant cinematic culture all over the world supported by the General Direction for Cinema of the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture with Italian Embassy of the Philippines. In its ambition of launching a festival similar to Cannes, Venice or Rome Film Festival, MovieMov brings an elite board of dignitaries gracing the event together with Italy’s top-notch line up of movies and tribute to famed directors. The festival will highlight special recognition to celebrate autere Bernardo Bertolucci, Dario Argento and Philippines’ Brilliante Mendoza together with other exciting films in its roster.

Apart from the festival, two workshops will be curated by acclaimed horror director Dario Argento and composer Franco Piersanti  in line with the celebration of the festival.

Italian Film Festival is set to run from November 9 up to 13 at Greenbelt 3 Cinemas, Makati City. The admission is free.

Download the SCHEDULE HERE or check it below.

Download the FULL PROGRAM HERE including film description.

You can also check the SCHEDULE + FILM SYNOPSIS below.

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