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Sigur Rós: “Ekki múkk”

From their sixth studio album Valtari, everybody’s favorite band Sigur Rós released the track “Ekki múkk” together with an accompanying music video directed by Jónsi’s sister Inga Birgisdóttir. The track is a seven minute experience that threads fans into the signature  Sigur Rós sound of dreamy augustness in terms of instruments and vocals.  Thoroughly moving and sad,  “Ekki múkk”  is not a far cry from their past singles, still capable of sensitive nudges in our hearts in its sudden rise and fall. The music video is stark in its simplicity featuring a steady shot at the sea with a boat crossing a length screened by sepia green effects overlapping from what seems like stars  or glimmering waters. The band posted an MP3 in their Soundcloud page which you can stream below. Valtari arrives May 28, 2012. Posted at the band’s website is a description by the band’s bassist Goggi Hólm discussing a short anecdote about the album:

“i really can’t remember why we started this record, i no longer know what we were trying to do back then. i do know session after session went pear-shaped, we lost focus and almost gave up…did give up for a while. but then something happened and form started to emerge, and now i can honestly say that it’s the only sigur rós record i have listened to for pleasure in my own house after we’ve finished it.”

*If you want to download an MP3 of “Ekki múkk,” there’s one floating in the interwebs here.


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TRAILER: La Memoria Del Muerto by Javier Diment

Javier Diment outstanding penchant for psychological thriller tinged with bloodbath, eye-shutting images and eroticism has gained the South American director a place among the daring new directors of the genre (see: Beinase or The Sense of Fear). Even a Fangoria article compared Diment to the Japanese cinematic extremist Takashi Miike. The television filmmaker has been part of a retrospective in his native country focusing on horror and supernatural movies and has won some prestigious awards, recently for working with fellow Fernando Spiner for screenplay (Aballay, El Hombre Sin Miedo).

In his biggest project to date, Diment spools the terrifying story of metaphysical realms between the dead character Jorge and his undead friends heading to suffer the same fate in La Memoria Del Muerto (The Memory of the Dead). It is said that the story kicks off 49 days after Alicia’s husband’s death where she called forth Jorge’s friends to read the posthumous letter he left. Plotting with his bestfriend Santiago, Alicia performs ritualistic killing rampage in expense of the guests believing it will bring back the dead back to life. Genre elements full of dark and horrific images are all over the trailer and will surely haunt audiences even just by a peak of it. If the scene of a man diving to a hollow pool and eventually breaks his skull is not enough, wait for that last frame of a “woman” at 1:11. La Memoria Del Muerto written by Martin Blousson with performances by Rafael Ferro , Lola Berthetand Ana Celentano.

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UNISON: “Brothers and Sisters”

The comparison that the duo UNISON is France’s answer to witch house flagbearer Salem has paved the way for much attention to the group even before its formal debut outside their native country. Blogs were quick to pick up the talk which later led to discovering UNISON’s music further rather than just dismissing them as a mere flavor of the month act. In their shore, members Julien Camarena and Melanie Moran are already recognized as one of the pioneers of witch house music which according to their vocabulary is “deathgaze”. The band itself finds the compliment due to some degree, “Like them, our identity is situated somewhere between the countryside and the city and that brings out a special way of perceiving things,” UNISON explains. Their self-titled debut has found a distribution deal after French label Letonia released it in France. Set on April 10, 2012, the first single off of UNISON is the LAMB sounding “Brothers and Sisters,” a five-minute number enamored by Moran’s ethereal voice set against electronic  clattering trance. A music video for “Brothers and Sisters” is also made in support of the single.

DOWNLOAD “Brothers and Sisters” or stream it via Soundcloud.

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House of Wolves: “Follow Me”

Wistful lyrics and dramatic rendering of instruments drawn together to a full poetic feel looms over Rey Villalobos’ work as House of Wolves in “Follow Me.” I have yet to listen to his full length Fold in the Wind but the revealing quality of “Follow Me” hints that the rest of his debut would be one of the albums that one can get lost to if played out from the beginning. A Los Angeles native, Villalobos is a trained classical pianist which shows at the beginning of the track, his first few notes setting the atmosphere for the rest of the song. With a calm of a beaten down romantic, Villalobos sounds apathetic at the second half of the song, right after the beautiful peak where he sings “all of the faces of your life all of the feelings that make you why,” followed by a wallowing void. That is a stellar moment where his lyrics command emotions, drifting us to what he is meaning to say. “Follow Me” radiates in all kinds of light, most especially in a dreary yet totally disarming charm even though he is singing about a loved one’s death. I cannot wait to listen to Fold in the Wind and see where Villalobos’ takes his audience to with that talent.

“Follow Me” by House of Wolves

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MNL 143 Straight to DIY After Cinemalaya Snub

After the much publicized disqualification from Cinemalaya this year due to disagreement between the festival heads and MNL 143‘s director Emerson Reyes on casting, the former dropping the film from its New Breed Category for failing to star actors with “greater audience acceptability,” the people behind the movie try to triumph over the controversy by winning on two terms. First by having it made outside of Cinemalaya’s yard and second through maintaining Reyes’ original choice of actors to lead their parts. Now, being given the complete prerogative on how MNL 143,  the movie will have to see itself to the end slashed of the budget that it was originally written for. Reyes and his team decided to bring their case to the audience-funding Artisteconnect (similar to Kickstarter) to raise financing totalling to P143, 000 for the last few shooting needed to round up the project. So far, the group has been pledged P32, 000 (23%) before its March 31, 2012 deadline. Details of how to support and the requisites are found on the film’s page. For support regarding the reformation of Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, sign up here.

From MNL 143’s page:

Project Description

A long FX ride from Buendia to Fairview. Approximately 20 Kilometers on the road where different life stories race to be told: responsibility, morality, integrity and reality. Familiar stories, some you’ve already heard of on street corners from friends and neighbors. Stories of ordinary people as they struggle with hope, resignation and compromise.

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