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Naomi Yang for Julia Holter’s “Our Sorrows”

Photographer and musician Naomi Yang of pop duo Damon & Naomi landed the directing job for Julia Holter’s latest single “Our Sorrows.”  It is the second track off of Holter’s mesmerizing (and one of the year’s best) Ekstasis, an avant-garde work of a record that is brimming with obscurity and charm. Ekstasis, though I have not written about it before, never fails to take me by surprise whenever I listen to it, unfolding new angle or layering that I have not heard with the previous listen. The new single “Our Sorrows” is not far from that experience. In six minutes of Holter’s orchestration of tenuousness, Yang expands the song’s lingering “If you call out, I will follow you” call out into visuals of Holter crafting a yarn around the city of Los Angeles. The perspective of interconnecting various elements in her life as she goes through her day, with that innocent look on her face, translated into the song’s omnipresence and poetic subtleties “meeting at the bus-stop, the early morning look-out crowd, dizzy from the tire view – hear them call your name.” The markings created by her wandering from the urban parts of the city to the woods serve like hints in case she decides to go back. So many meanings on this one, really.


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Los Campesinos!: “Tiptoe Through The True Bits” (MP3)

Septet supergroup Los Campesinos! have been all over this blog since they began dropping tracks off their last Hello Sadness. In fact, I have also written something about the record as well. Now, several months after it saw daylight, Gareth and Co. have decided to resurrect one of the lead singer’s favorite tracks that did not make the cut for the what came out as Hello Sadness— “Tiptoe Through The True Bits.” Given as free download via the band’s blog with lyrics, the track is heavy on narratives and bittersweet punches. What is always present in Los Campesinos! music is the band’s amusingly take on rather serious subjects compelled by Gareth’s ultra- descriptive wordings and the band’s massive, shamble of instruments after the second chorus. “Tiptoe Through The True Bits” immediately reminded me of that impish 1968 Tiny Tim track “Tiptoe Through The Tulips.” A wordplay perhaps?

DOWNLOAD “Tiptoe Through The True Bits”

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How To Dress Well: “Ocean Floor for Everything” (MP3)

There is no other way in listening to How To Dress Well’s music. Love Remains demands much introspection and the EP Just Once pleads for the  quiet, two solid work from an artist that take an alternate path in popular independent music, but both challenges us to credit his vision with our heart. Give him the bareness of each thread of emotion he can elicit from you and he provides us more discoveries the best way he knows how— providing hymns, clouded in a haze of atmospherics and web-thin persona feeding from his reluctance and shyness. How To Dress Well seems to understand loss in a language that draws these songs together to a common spindle. Ever since the death of his best friend, HTDW’s Tom Krell has weaved out personal sets that homage to the memories and the pain of such experience. As the follow-up for Love Remains, the upcoming record Total Loss seems to explore more of these territories as the first track from it is released— “Ocean Floor for Everything.” Krell writes in his blog that the song is “it’s a v personal song” and has, more than ever, provided a quite detailed picture of the friendship between his muse and him. The lyrics for “Ocean Floor for Everything” I have taken off his blog and can be read below. To download the track, get it HERE.

“i know u were always ready for me baby, way before we met— i got there just to say ‘hey.’ and you were hoping for the days when u could say safely: ‘i have my place, i have my home, i have my future.’ but we never really plan for the worst of things do we? and then something like this happens — for the sake of me? who? me? who? we? we’ve got feeling, got strength, and got the right thing for each other. there’s an ocean floor for everything: for me, the sun, and he, gone.”

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2012 European Union Film Festival (Films + Venue)

23 films. 11 days. 17 counties.

With individual entries from each of its member states, the 2012 EU Film Festival 2012 will show off European culture and realities through cinema in various genres in the span of less than two weeks. In two locations, Bangkok and Chiangmai, the festival shows the same movies all throughout June in their original languages with English subtitles, a bit of relief for expats who want to enjoy the movies in either venue. Personally, I have a great anticipation for Germany’s Krabat by Marco Kreuzpaintner, immigration drama Morgen by Romanian director Marian Crisan and of course Susanne Bier‘s In a Better World which grabbed the Best Foreign Language in the 2008 Oscar Awards. The European Film Festival will play at Bangkok Art Cultural Center from May 31 to June 10 and the Vista Kadsuankaew, Chiangmai from June 15 to 24.

You can check out the complete list here.

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Passion Pit Live in Singapore 2012 (Tickets + Venue)

Numerous times I have played this band’s EP and debut record and still my desire of watching them live remains. Actually it gets stronger to see how Passion Pit would make their electro-pop productions into a live experience, considering how “Little Secrets” and “Let Your Love Grow Tall” can easily perked up a boring after-work party I’ve been having lately. Hipster or not I would leave the debate on you but Michael Angelakos’ hair-thin falsetto grabs attention and in few situations make hesitant purist HC friends nod heads. Much talk about the band’s inability to translate Manners‘ solid sound into live performance but the ranting will be silenced (or proven) once they reach the continent this August.

The Massachusetts electro-pop act was earlier rumored to be visiting South East Asia when it was confirmed that they are joining Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival in August. After Summer Sonic, Passion Pit will play in Singapore’s Esplanade Concert Hall on August 21. The band took a hiatus after they toured for Manners and are now playing shows to promote their upcoming sophomore record to be released this June.

The Passion Pit Live in Singapore the tickets will be available via SISTIC and priced at SGD48, SGD68, SGD88, SGD98 (excluding SISTIC fees).

Passion Pit: “Let Your Love Grow Tall”

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