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Cat Power: “Ruin” (MP3)

The story behind Cat Power’s upcoming record Sun is always followed by a mention of her break-up with long-time boyfriend actor Giovanni Ribisi. Honestly speaking, Chan Marshall’s private life has always been a thing I’d like to know a little but not as much as I would like to explore her discography. Quite hesitant to sound like a fanatic but You Are Free and The Greatest are two of the few records that could easily transport me to different set of mind.

After 2008’s Jukebox, containing mainly of covers, Cat Power was last seen working with Manny Pacquiao in a song “King Rides By” for charity. As one of the most anticipated records, Sun took her to different places (listen to the places mentioned in the lyrics) and a hint of that record was shown via her Instagram back in December 2011.

Now, the first single from Sun is out and I will reserve judgement until I get the whole damn thing but what is noticeable is a change in the atmosphere and instruments used on this one (together with a banging do) which could mean a totally different aura for Sun. Anyway, get “Ruin”, it’s free. If you like to see Chan in action, a video announcement is made for the single where you can see her spray painting barefoot and looking nothing but gorgeous.

DOWNLOAD “Ruin” by Cat Power (right-click, save as, my amigo.)


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