D é N O U E M E N T S


Rosie Thomas’ toss to slight fame was when she partnered with Damien Jurado for the single “Parking Lot.” Admittedly, I have never heard from Thomas after that aside from some Sufjan Stevens videos online. It was my lack to not look much into her music aside from occasionally hearing her work in When We Were Small and These Friends of Mine. Though bereft of album-by-album familiarity, her name pretty much stayed within my musical satellite, whatever that means.

My full experience of Thomas’ comes across her latest record With Love. A collection of ten, heartfelt songs that listeners can either hate or love depending on how they would perceive Thomas’ generosity to amour. It can be taken as being honest to what the album gravitates to or going overboard with its theme.

The kickstarter “Where Was I” shows off Thomas’ delicate voice, child-like yet embittered, as she shuffles memories and wistfulness that works similarly in another track “In Time,”  two of the best songs in With Love. Cunningly placed to sandwich the lovesick “Over the Moon,” the two aforementioned tracks are the couple in the set which do not make the sappiness go bit over the top.

The most engaging track in the bunch is “A Really Long Year,” a nicely-written narrative that recalls Thomas’ thoughts about her public wedding marred with figures in her life- parents, brother, grandpa- and how she saw “somehow over the rainbow dreams will come true.” (The lyrics get forgivable once played from the start!)

Needless to say, With Love is created if you can bare hearing the title word sung more than ten times and not feel it crawling in your skin. While the record seems like a jar filled of honey to the brim, it has its bitter flavor bottoming in the pit. Few of the tracks are blessed with this, Thomas doing it personal and with a dash of melancholia, but the rest of it are just too saccharine sweet for my taste. It could work in a perspective that With Love is just paying its dues to its intention, that is to speak of the feeling in volumes, but a juicy bit of different taste could also do wonders.


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