D é N O U E M E N T S

I Guess “Denouements” is back! (Personal Post)

Looking ahead.

How long has it been? I cannot remember the times I tried to look away whenever an alert pops up on my phone regarding my blog. It always pinches my heart when I am reminded I have this site hanging out there with no resolution- either new posts or just “killed” all together.

Few changes have occurred- new job, a new country and totally new passion. Most the latter I will write about here. I feel excited about it to be honest.

I will make some changes as well. In a week or two, my URL will change. I don’t feel like using my name anymore as my URL- I’ve grown out of it AND I’m gonna cover travel as well (a favorite!) since I’ve been doing a fair amount since I moved to a new home country.

Write soon.


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