D é N O U E M E N T S

Contact/ Music Submission

EMAIL: denouementspage@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in my blog!

Denouements receives music submission for reviews and press provided that contact information are sent with an attached digital/MP3 link.

For non-musical, an EPK/press about the event/ announcement would be very helpful with contact information. I do not copy/ paste any press release. No sponsorship and perks are required but an act of kindness (free MP3s, tickets, passes) would be very much appreciated.

If you are an artist and would wish to take down streaming of your music, please contact the host. I do not divulge any third party information but I can make sure I will forward your concern. Please drop me a line in my email above so I can forward your concern/ provide you a reply. I would like to hear from you.




2 Responses

  1. Smile says:

    Hey! I envy you of this cooooool website!! 🙂 ill often check it out to be updated! XD

  2. fullisnotheavyasempty says:

    mabuhay. hi smile, i hope to hear about your own blog, soon.

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