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Bon Iver’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (Video)

Caught Live! is making the best out of available video services that get to tape our favorite bands doing what they do best- rock their songs. Since nothing beats the real thing, we Google our way for those special live embellishments not available on MP3s, and MTV. 

George Michael nailed it.
Peter Andre bombed and Nina failed.
Even Adam Lambert failed so much he made Peter Andre’s cover sound decent.

Covered so many times, Bonnie Raitt’s disparate love song is a tale of an off-centered relationship coming to its conclusive moments, the time when the one doing the heavylifting comes full circle and giving it all up, “don’t patronize me,” she whines down. In “Calgary” 7″ Single, Bon Iver lends his falsetoo-power to this track. A video shows the singer in a very intimate performance: archaic orchestral piano, loomy atmosphere, Bon Iver, you get the picture.
The drizzle plus this song, get some warm coffee.


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