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Sean Pecknold Directs Fleet Foxes’ “The Shrine / An Argument”

The team behind the video “The Shrine/ An Argument” gives an advice. They ask people to watch it in HD and with headphones or speakers (ahm, yeah?) and in “full screen if you really want to get crazy,” they promise.

It is safe to say that the promise delivered. Fleet Foxes’ 8-minute opus is met with Sean Pecknold’s (vocalist Robert Pecknold’s brother) outstanding interpretation of the song that shines with little triumphs as you listen to the words closely while staying focus on the visuals. Ears glued to the sounds, eyes to the screen; the narrative unfurls with strong connection on each while paying homage (if intended or not) to Where the Wild Things Are and The Dark Crystal at some scenes. Rich in colors and eyeing richer textures especially in landscapes, the video features a wandering antelope witnessing a sacrilege of his kind and his fate that comes next. Ultimately rewarding is the ending, the underwater scene of a two-headed dragon-snake hybrid tearing the deer into halves revealing his “soul.”

Sean Pecknold’s Grandchildren project has worked before not only in a few of Fleet Foxes vidoes but also with the band’s Subpop labelmate Beach House for “Used To Be”, with Grizzly Bear in “While You Wait for the Others,” and made a personal favorite How OId Are You? where he documented Robert Pecknold’s tour opening for Joanna Newsom in 2010.


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