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Gem Club’s Breakers (Review)

“Quiet is the new loud” would be a total understatement in describing Gem Club’s music. Christopher Barnes (piano/vocals) once quoted someone that their music is soft-music pop and he agreed about the question mark at the end of the operative pop. Christopher and Krysten Drymala’s astonishing Acid and Everything does not really harbor on the territory where most acts now are busily paddling on. The possible leitmotif that Gem Club sails on, evident on the group’s EP, is the one where listeners go to when they seek refuge, when they cannot attune their feelings on what is currently happening. If our emotions are like hidden cave signs ruffled in confusion, Gem Club’s music acts as ciphers to this human experience solely experienced by each of us on our own. How many times have you gone through your record collection to look for a song that best fits what you are feeling at that time? How many times have you failed at it? Gem Club’s pastoral beauty lies in its ambiguous lyrics that can be relative or completely alienated from a singular theme yet too affecting, too exact through Drymala’s gentle, hypnotic work underpinning Barne’s words.

The group recently announced that they have joined Hardly Art for their debut album and alongside this feat is the release of the title track “Breakers.” In this track, the group still employs their style of layering soft, whispering vocals over full length, flowing piano while drifting with cello touches spurned in the background. With only eight lines over the 2:50 track, Gem Club paints a hymn about departure, of “the graceless years are gone.” Persevering with their enigmatic style of writing, the track still opens itself to more interpretation, maintaining that gleaming quality where you can own the song, place your feelings on it and take mold of it on your own call. This quality, this power is where Gem Club remains too hushed compare to a roar but too honest it cuts so deep.

Listen to/ Download “Breakers” here. (Updated)

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Breakers is out this September 27 via Hardly Art.


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