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How To Dress Well: “Ocean Floor for Everything” (MP3)

There is no other way in listening to How To Dress Well’s music. Love Remains demands much introspection and the EP Just Once pleads for the  quiet, two solid work from an artist that take an alternate path in popular independent music, but both challenges us to credit his vision with our heart. Give him the bareness of each thread of emotion he can elicit from you and he provides us more discoveries the best way he knows how— providing hymns, clouded in a haze of atmospherics and web-thin persona feeding from his reluctance and shyness. How To Dress Well seems to understand loss in a language that draws these songs together to a common spindle. Ever since the death of his best friend, HTDW’s Tom Krell has weaved out personal sets that homage to the memories and the pain of such experience. As the follow-up for Love Remains, the upcoming record Total Loss seems to explore more of these territories as the first track from it is released— “Ocean Floor for Everything.” Krell writes in his blog that the song is “it’s a v personal song” and has, more than ever, provided a quite detailed picture of the friendship between his muse and him. The lyrics for “Ocean Floor for Everything” I have taken off his blog and can be read below. To download the track, get it HERE.

“i know u were always ready for me baby, way before we met— i got there just to say ‘hey.’ and you were hoping for the days when u could say safely: ‘i have my place, i have my home, i have my future.’ but we never really plan for the worst of things do we? and then something like this happens — for the sake of me? who? me? who? we? we’ve got feeling, got strength, and got the right thing for each other. there’s an ocean floor for everything: for me, the sun, and he, gone.”


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