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Kapowski: “Section 8”

There’s something innately eerie about Kapowski’s “Section 8″ video. It could be the dehumanized butler or the grey pearl-loving weak woman with a weird intolerance to robot-made tea. Whatever it is, Perez Brothers’ take on Kapowski’s new single reek of suburban dread that makes the video perfectly attuned to Jesse Rimler’s corrosive vocals and ‘Section 8’s” subtle Casio beats that hook listeners the second it plays.

The music video was filmed in Oakland and described by the Hart and Devon Perez as Melancholy homage to Woody Allen’s Sleeper.”

Kapowski is an Oakland-based band that for several years tinkered with several projects before their new debut Boy Detective which includes “Section 8.” The quartet is composed of Jon Gondo, Jesse Rimler. Michael Coleman and Sam Ospovat that infuse piano, organ, drums and bass with an obvious absence of the guitar. Boy Detective is scheduled for release February 2, 2012.

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