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Mombi: “The Misunderstanding” (Music Video + MP3)

Six years worth of working together and evolving from their former sound as Khale, Kael Smith and Matt Herron took  inspiration upon Smith’s beloved 1985 movie Return to Oz (directed by Walter Murch) and named their new project Mobi, after L. Fraunk Baum’s wicked witch character in his The Wonderful Wizard of Oz series from where the movie was based.

As Mobi, the Denver-duo released The Wounded Beat, a collection of eight melancholic soundscapes that houses their debut single “The Misunderstanding,” a four-minute clockstopper that stretches into a trajectory of gloom and reverb. Smith’s vocals build up as the track angles into a hazy wave of ambient sounds, picking up halfway as the momentum rises and the whirring closes in.

The music video for “The Misunderstanding” is  by director/animator Manuel Aragon of Spacejuncian Films who has also worked with Low (“Breaker”)  and Retribution Gospel Choir (“Your Bird”). The video was chosen as a featured video in YouTube which introduced Mombi to a wider audience. “He specializes in animation, but he wanted to focus on live action shots for our video,” says Herron of Aragon’s work.

The Wounded Beat was released under Luxembourg’s Own Records and can be downloaded on the band’s Bandcamp page.

DOWNLOAD “The Misunderstanding” (right-click) or visit the links below.

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