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Soap&Skin: “Wonder”

Why we can’t be or see,’ she asks and the story spools from there. The story woven out of a long yarn, bleeds into years of reading the calendar and how each space from the days speak of the distance and her unknowable apathy.

‘You’re the thunder,’  made of tormenting storm and ravaging winds— a phenomenon she seeks out to see yet hopes to not cross upon. Kept with admonitions in her prayer, she thinks of him in grace. Though distant and not always visible, she has clear memory of him but always they both stay unanswered.

Anja Plaschg released “Boat Turns Toward the Port” last December that served as a harbinger of what her upcoming mini-LP Narrow will be like, not absent of her harrowing gloom and intensity. She surfaces again with “Wonder” and a very intimate Soap&Skin is revealed, almost bare and see-through. The track escalates into heavier atmosphere, torched up by her piano and the ghost-like voices that loom in Plaschg’s psyche as she directs questions about fate and her remembrance of a past.

Listen to “Wonder” below.


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