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The Walkmen: “Heaven”

“Remember, remember? All we fight for?” 

Hamilton Leithauser could be addressing his bandmates in The Walkmen’s new single “Heaven” as he sings those lines. The track, which happens to be the title track of their soon to be released album, sees the band pushing forth into ten years in their career. With a record almost every two years, totaling to Heaven being their sixth, fans have seen the original Washington DC band developed not only their sound but how they literally grew up performing. Personally, I like the band’s rough-around-the-edges sound, the band sounding both celebratory and reckless that eventually get polished in You & Me. Not that the sophistication of that record and Lisbon hurt the direction the band was gearing for. However in “Heaven,” The Walkmen seem to have loosen up a bit albeit the structured, tighter drumming. With the theme of remembering “lamented tale of distant years” supported with images of children, juvenile idealism and the torture of seeing those frozen memories change are all tensed in this track. At the end, Leithauser pleads of not being left alone, sounding all throaty and desperate. In the stream provided by the band’s label Fat Possum, it says “Radio Edit” which could mean that with the story edited in its shy of four minutes length lie a longer document, a clearly told lamentation that would delight us when the record is finally out.

The track can be downloaded/ previewed via iTunes or an MP3 link here. By now, you must know how to do it via Soundcloud as well.

The Walkmen: “Heaven”


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